YouTuber's Tiny GameCube Is a Heartbreaking Look at What Could Have Been

firefoxUnlike the low-effort PlayStation Classic, the NES Classic and SNES Classic are among the best attempts at reviving the lovable consoles from days gone by. But for some reason, despite selling millions of its retro consoles, Nintendo hasn’t continued its line of console reboots and doesn’t seem interested in taking it…Read more...

Uber’s IPO nightmare gets worse as stock tanks again

firefoxUber’s stock went off the road on its first day of trading — and on the second day it headed off a cliff. Shares of the San Francisco-based ride-sharing app tumbled nearly 11 percent to $37.10 on Monday — its second trading session following an ill-fated initial public offering last week — as Wall Street...

Uber parties for IPO were so wild an employee had to resign

firefoxHopefully Uber drivers on duty skipped these alcohol-fueled company parties. In-house bashes on the day the company went public reportedly got so out of hand that one was shut down and another employee was forced to resign after a drunken outburst, according to a new report. Workers celebrated with company-provided booze at Uber offices on...

Beyond Meat shares spike another 14%, leaving Uber in the dust after IPO

Shares of Beyond Meat, which makes plant-based meat substitutes, surged more than 14% on Tuesday, adding to their stellar start in the public market.

Uber drivers are contractors, not employees, U.S. labor agency says

firefoxDrivers for ride-hailing company Uber Technologies Inc are independent contractors and not employees, the general counsel of a U.S. labor agency has concluded, in an advisory memo that is likely to carry significant weight in a pending case against the company and could prevent drivers from joining a union.

Uber, Lyft and Pinterest prove that private investors are sucking up all the value

Consumer IPOs from Snap to Uber have been disappointing and serve as a reminder that private investors are making all the money.

Tech Fix: Uber vs. Lyft: Which Ride-Hailing App Is Better?

Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two services to help you choose your go-to app for hitching rides.

Short-term markets are putting Uber in trouble

Uber's rise until now has been fueled by investors' willingness to subsidize a big market buildout. But post-IPO, the company is being hit by new realities.

What the Strike Ahead of Uber’s IPO Exposes About American Inequality

Some people will make big bucks as Uber goes public, but inequality may only worsen

Ride-share drivers run up debt to keep jobs in Uber 'casino'

The best ride-hailing app in the world is useless if it can't connect you with a vehicle, something customers often discover after last call at an out-of-the-way bar or arrival at a sparsely populated vacation spot.