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OnePlus 7 Pro Warp Charge 30 Car Charger Launched in India

The Warp Charge 30 car charger offers the same 30 Watt (5V-6A) output as the Warp Charge 30 charger, and comes with 12V/24V=4.5A input.

The OnePlus 7 Pro costs just $379 when you trade-in an older device

firefoxThe regular OnePlus 7 won’t be made available to purchase in the US and the OnePlus 7 Pro is the company’s most expensive smartphone yet. Because of this, OnePlus has announced a new trade-in program that’ll give consumers the opportunity to purchase the OnePlus 7 Pro at a discounted price.Like other trade-in programs, OnePlus accepts a wide range of smartphones from different brands. The primary focus is, however, existing OnePlus owners looking to upgrade. Due to this, the company is launching a limited time offer that’ll boost the trade-in value of older devices by $40 and ultimately ...

Transparent case mod lets you watch the OnePlus 7 Pro’s crazy motorized selfie cam in action

Earlier this week, OnePlus unveiled one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019. The OnePlus 7 Pro is primed to be one of the highlights of the year, due to both its stellar price and its stunning design. While Apple is sticking with the notch on its flagship phones and Samsung has moved on to the Infinity-O display, OnePlus managed to deliver a true all-screen device. And the key to this design was the peculiar pop-up selfie camera. While it might not be the long-term solution for the front-facing camera, it's certainly an effective stopgap. In fact, one YouTuber was so impressed by the sliding camera that he decided to rip off the decorative layer attached to the glass on the back of the phone so that he could watch the camera as it travels up and down. Popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything (who actually participated in the OnePlus 7 Pro reveal event with a teardown of the phone) took things a step further on Thursday by prying a phone apart and scraping away the laminate layer that OnePlus adhered to the glass on the back plate of the phone. As you can see in the video below, this allowed him to see inside the phone and watch mechanism that controls the camera as it operates: As JerryRigEverything notes early on in the video, you absolutely shouldn't try this on your own. OnePlus phones aren't known for being especially easy to take apart and repair or tinker with, so even if you know what you're doing, you may as well leave the phone intact and not risk destroying it days after you bought it.

OnePlus 7 Pro: OnePlus goes premium with pop-up selfie camera and dynamic screen

OnePlus is releasing its most expensive phone yet

Watch the OnePlus 7 Pro's pop-up camera lift 49 pounds of cement

firefoxIf you can get your hands on the OnePlus 7 Pro -- one of two flagship phones released today -- one of the first things you'll notice is that it's done away with the front-facing notch camera. Instead, OnePlus opted for a pop-up camera. And to prove j...

An accessory that OnePlus 7 Pro buyers might need costs 62% more after price hike

firefoxLast year's OnePlus 6T did not come with a headphone jack, but it was packaged with a Type-C to 3.5mm cable that allows users to employ the phone's charging port to plug in a set of wired headphones. If the dongle gets lost, it used to cost $8 (before taxes and shipping) to replace directly from OnePlus. The OnePlus 7 Pro also is sans a 3.5mm port, but buyers don't have to worry about losing the accessory because it isn't even included in the box. So if someone with OnePlus' latest and greatest wants to use a wired headset that requires a 3.5mm plug, they will have to purchase this dongle.But ...

OnePlus 7: The OnePlus 7's Pro more affordable sibling gets camera and performance upgrades

OnePlus is still aiming for the mid-range price market with the OnePlus 7

OnePlus will pay you up to $449 to trade in your phone for a OnePlus 7 Pro

Shortly after officially announcing its OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone on Tuesday, the Chinese phone maker unveiled a trade-in program that could save you hundreds on the new phone. Starting at $669, the OnePlus 7 Pro is significantly cheaper than the flagship devices from most other vendors, but if you're upgrading from another phone anyway, you may as well get some credit for it and make the OnePlus even more affordable. "For the first time in North America, OnePlus is proud to introduce a brand-new trade-in program, in partnership with Phobio," OnePlus says on its website. "Customers can turn in an eligible device and receive up to 449 dollars to use towards the OnePlus 7 Pro. Credit issued will vary depending on the device model. All OnePlus devices are eligible, including the OnePlus One [although the OnePlus X doesn't appear on the list]." This promotion is only available from May 14th to June 30th and applies to a wide variety of devices, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, HTC and Sony, as well as OnePlus's old phones. We're slightly confused about the "up to $449" part of this promotion, though, because while I was offered $390 for my iPhone 8, a colleague with an iPhone XS was told the estimated trade-in value of his device was $670, which would cover the full price of the OnePlus 7 Pro before taxes. That aside, here are all trade-in values of old OnePlus phones: OnePlus 6T | Up to $290 OnePlus 6 | Up to $270 OnePlus 5T | Up to $200 OnePlus 5 | Up to $190 OnePlus 3T | Up to $100 OnePlus 3 | Up to $80 OnePlus 2 | Up to $80 OnePlus 1 | Up to $70 Whether or not you're committed to trading in your current phone for a OnePlus 7 Pro, it's at least worth checking to see how much the company will offer you, since you might end up as surprised as we were.

The new OnePlus 7 Pro is HUGE: size comparison

firefoxThe OnePlus 7 Pro is undoubtedly the most advanced smartphone the company has ever come forth with, a powerhouse that can easily stand its ground with the flagships out there. Galaxies, Pixels, LGs, iPhones, come at it!Now, the OnePlus 7 Pro is already dangerously near to high-end flagship territory thanks to its pricing which is a bit higher than OnePlus' previous phones. This means that the OnePlus 7 Pro is slowly but surely becoming a rhetoric embodiment of that very same "flagship" that the company vowed to "kill" back when it was a start-up. Yet, that's the natural progression ...

The OnePlus 7 comes with a collection of mesmerizing wallpapers, and you can have them all!

firefoxThe beautiful, abstract wallpapers that have been adorning the homescreen of every OnePlus phone have become a staple of the brand. Bursting at the seams with color and textures, these backgrounds blend analog and digital techniques in a unique, surreal way. And what better way to showcase the display technology of a product, than with such distinctive imagery? Starting with the OnePlus 2, the company began featuring the works of Swedish designer and illustrator Hampus Olsson on the home screen of every new phone. Since then, his works have become a bit of a trade-mark ...