Lindsey Graham

It will take more than record turnout among black voters to unseat Lindsey Graham

Jaime Harrison just announced he's challenging the longtime senator. What will it take for him to win in South Carolina?

Lindsey Graham warns of ‘overwhelming military response’ if Iran attacks American interests

firefoxSen. Lindsey Graham said Monday that the US should attack Iran if the Islamic Republic followed through on threats against Americans or America’ s interests. “The fault lies with the Iranians, not the United States or any other nation. If the Iranian threats against American personnel and interests are activated we must deliver an overwhelming...

Lindsey Graham after Iran shoots down US drone: ‘All bets are off’

Sen. Lindsey Graham issued a strong warning to Iran after they shot down a U.S. drone that was flying over international waters late Wednesday. Iran claims the drone was flying over their airspace.

Lindsey Graham: Russia 'collusion narrative died with the Mueller report,' 'corruption' case growing

firefoxThe narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia "died" with the Mueller report's release, but the case alleging corruption in the origins of the probe is growing.

Lindsey Graham calls Trump’s 2020 foreign dirt comment a ‘mistake’

firefoxSen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday rebuked President Trump’s assertion that he’d welcome dirt about his political foes from foreign governments — the first GOP lawmaker to criticize the commander in chief over the stunning comments. “I think it’s a mistake. I think it’s a mistake of law. I don’t want to send a signal to...

Lindsey Graham Faces a Challenge to His 2020 Re-Election Dreams in SC Democratic Leader Jaime Harrison

firefoxSouth Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, the man who once wanted the Oval Office for himself before becoming an apologist for the current occupant, now has someone coming for his seat — Jaime Harrison, the former chair of the state’s Democratic Party.Read more...

Lindsey Graham Advised Donald Trump Jr. to Ignore Congressional Subpoena, #LindseyGrahamResign Trends on Twitter

firefoxAfter South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham advised president Donald Trump’s son not to comply with a congressional subpoena and to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights if he does agree to testify, #LindseyGrahamResign began trending on Twitter on Tuesday.Read more...

Lindsey Graham claims the only ones against releasing Russia probe details 'are worried about being exposed'

firefoxPresident Trump has authorized Attorney General Bill Barr to declassify all materials related to the Russia investigation, and Sen. Lindsey Graham is giving his full support.

In One Day, Jaime Harrison, Lindsey Graham's Challenger, Raises Six Figure in Donations

firefoxHe’s the son of a single mom and already has an endorsement from Luke Skywalker. (Fine, it’s actor Mark Hamill, who played Skywalker, who showed love—but if I said that Hamill endorsed him, would you even have known who he was?) He’s running a campaign under the hashtag #SendLindseyHome—as in President Trump’s…Read more...

Lindsey Graham says impeachment talks will only get Trump elected

firefoxSen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., believes a push for President Trump's impeachment by Congressional Democrats will only lead to his re-election.