Frozen 2

There's a 'Frozen 2' poster and now we definitely have to buy new princess gowns

firefoxDisney just keeps teasing us. Now we have a "Frozen 2" poster. A new trailer debuts June 11 on "Good Morning America."        

Watch: 'Frozen 2': Elsa, Anna embark on a new journey in latest trailer

firefoxSisters Elsa and Anna are back in the latest trailer for Disney's upcoming animated sequel, "Frozen 2."

The New Frozen 2 Trailer Is More Epic Than We Imagined

firefoxGrab your popcorn and get ready for Disney's next movie: Frozen 2. On Tuesday, Good Morning America aired an all-new trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel. Anna and Elsa are back...

Everything We Know About Anna and Elsa's Frozen 2 Adventure

firefoxWe can't let our excitement for Frozen 2 go! In February, Disney dropped a big surprise by releasing a teaser for the highly anticipated sequel. And today, they continued to feed our...

"Frozen 2' trailer raises questions about Elsa's powers

firefoxDon't ever let it go. The first full trailer for "Frozen 2" dropped Tuesday morning.

OH. NO. Kristen Bell hints that a new 'Frozen 2' song may get stuck in your head

firefoxTalking about the end of "The Good Place," Kristen Bell gave us a glimpse into a certain song in "Frozen 2" and OMG.        

New trailers you need to watch from this week: ‘Frozen 2,’ ‘Doctor Sleep,’ and more

We've just seen them ruling New Asgard in Avengers: Endgame, but this weekend will bring us a new film starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. This time, they're not Asgardians on Earth. They're actually alien hunters, starring in the Men In Black reboot we've been waiting for. There are also a couple of other action/comedy flicks launching this weekend. One is the brand new Shaft movie, and the other is a horror film called The Dead Don’t Die that looks a lot like Zombieland. When it comes to new trailers, Frozen 2 is the highlight, but there are a bunch of trailers for upcoming attractions below. Angel Has Fallen It's time for Gerard Butler to reprise the role of Secret Service agent Mike Banning, who prevented assassination attempts on the president twice now. The third film in the Fallen series is all about Banning trying to clear his name after being framed. Morgan Freeman plays the president in this one, while Mike's best hope is his father, played by Nick Nolte. Doctor Sleep Ever wished they made a sequel to The Shining? Well, Stephen King wrote one, and they finally turned it into a movie. Out on November 8th, Doctor Sleep follows the adult Dan Torrence who has to deal with people with similar powers and the cult preying on them. Frozen 2 The first official trailer for Frozen 2 is out, and Disney's sequel appears to be darker than the original. Anna and Elsa are back for this one, and they're about to learn a few secrets from the past that could explain Elsa's icy powers. Frozen 2 is out on November 22nd. Good Boys This is the latest trailer for Good Boys, a comedy about three young friends who go on a ridiculous adventure. Official Secrets Official Secrets, featuring Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, and Ralph Fiennes, is the true story of a British whistleblower who provided information to the press back in 2003 about an NSA spy operation whose objective was to convince the UN Security Council to sanction the invasion of Iraq. Stuber Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani team up in this action comedy about doing everything you can to keep your five-star Uber rating — but also about doing everything you can to stop the bad guys. One of them is a cop who enlists the other, a Uber driver. The result? Stuber. The Art of Self-Defense The final trailer of the day is The Art of Self-Defense. It's a comedy with a lot of potential, starring Jesse Eisenberg, who plays a severely troubled man looking to learn how to defend himself after being attacked.

‘Frozen 2’ trailer: Elsa and Anna go on a whole new adventure

firefox'Frozen 2' opens in theatres on Nov. 22, 2019.

New ‘Frozen 2’ trailer is shockingly dark and scary

firefoxWhat is this? “Frozen 2: The Return of the Queen”? The first full trailer for Disney’s “Frozen 2” dropped Tuesday morning, and from this early glimpse of the film it appears that the followup to the quaint story of sisters defying the odds — and belting ballads — is more of a “Lord of the...

New breathtaking 'Frozen 2' trailer is here as Elsa and Anna hold hands to conquer new world

firefoxA new full-length 'Frozen 2' trailer has arrived as Anna vows to 'never let anything happen' to her sister Elsa.