Fin24.com | The Tesla stock bubble has burst, sparking existential questions

firefoxFor Elon Musk and Tesla, the blows from Wall Street came one after another this week - a relentless barrage that left the stock so beat up that some now wonder if it can ever regain its status as the ultimate 21st century disrupter.

Toy Story 4 Is an Existential Crisis the Whole Family Can Enjoy

We live in an age of sequels upon sequels; we’re up to our ears in reboots and origin stories. No one needs a Toy Story 4, especially considering that the 2010 Toy Story 3, a lovely meditation on the need to move on to new things even when we’re not quite ready for them, would…

The 288-HP Alpine A110S Is the New Reason for Your Existential American Sadness

firefoxFor American car enthusiasts, 25 years isn’t just the time frame for a quarter-life crisis, it’s the countdown until we can import the good foreign cars we never got the chance to buy here. And, as of now, we can go ahead and put the new Alpine A110S on the clock.Read more...

Tony Hale on Toy Story 4 and capturing Forky's existential angst

firefoxAll of Andy’s Bonnie’s toys are back for a new adventure with Toy Story 4, another installment in Pixar’s decades-spanning franchise that follows the gang on an eye-opening road trip. Ahead of its release on Friday, we sat down with Tony Hale—who plays a new addition to the Toy Story franchise, Forky—to talk about the…Read more...

How the Team Behind Detective Pikachu Answered the Existential Questions Around the Movie's Strangest Pokémon

firefoxPokémon come in all shapes and sizes. Some are cute little sheep, some are giant bugs. Some are gods. Some are ghosts. Some are...your keys? They can get weird. Weird enough that one of the VFX teams behind the movie found themselves asking questions they thought they’d never have to ask themselves.Read more...

A secretive marsh bird faces existential threat from rising seas

Louisiana wetlands are eroding faster than almost anywhere in the world – and endangering the wildlife that call them homeBiologists crouched in the mud squint past their headlamps at the secretive marsh bird.They have tramped through tall cordgrass for two hours, trying to stir the creature up by shaking cans of bolts and metal pellets. A few hundred feet away, the stretch of Louisiana marshland gives way to the Gulf of Mexico. Closer to their faces, mosquitoes swarm. Continue reading...

Biden to Describe Trump as ‘Existential Threat’ as They Circle Each Other in Iowa

The two men, who increasingly see each other as political foils and are eager to trade blows, were both set to appear in the critical primary state.

Mini Brands are the latest bizarre toy craze to sweep the nation, and they’re filling me with existential dread

Is there anything that exemplifies late-stage capitalism better than this?

Britain is in the grip of an existential crisis that reaches far beyond Brexit | Aditya Chakrabortty

Nearly three years after the referendum, Westminster has still not come to terms with the grievances that drove the resultThe person who is best qualified to hold up a mirror to British politics today is neither a minister nor an academic. He is not even British. No: he is, of course, Michel Barnier, the French-born servant of Brussels. In his 1,036 days as the EU’s chief negotiator, he has sat for numbing hours opposite Theresa May, haggled with David Davis and Dominic Raab and their junior ministers and faced down countless Whitehall officials. He is the outsider who knows our system inside out. So when he popped up right at the end of the BBC’s fly on the wall Storyville documentaries on the Brexit negotiations, I leaned in to listen.Barnier doesn’t do florid, so his words leapt out … It wasn’t even Brexit at all. The UK is in a crisis as big as the country itself. Continue reading...

Review: Pixar's 'Toy Story 4' is one fun and rollicking existential crisis after another

firefoxPixar's 'Toy Story 4' deals in weepy emotions and Tom Hanks warmth, but also features adventure, laughs and one nutty road trip with a jittery spork.